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My Comprehensive Services

I am your trusted partner on the path to mental well-being. With expertise in medication management, telepsychiatry, psychotherapy, and addiction treatment, I am here to support your journey to a healthier, happier life.

Medication Management

Managing medications for mental health is a nuanced process, unlike prescriptions for common ailments. Tailored to each patient, it often involves trials to discover the most effective approach, combining medications with talk therapy for symptom relief. At Imisio Health Care Services, I excel in medication management services as an expert Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. From prescribing the initial dosage to closely monitoring your response and making necessary adjustments, I specialize in treating and managing psychiatric disorders. Whether you're in Maryland or New York, access modern, effective psychiatric care. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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Compassionate talk therapy is now available in the confidential surroundings and comfort of your own home. Thanks to technology, I can connect with you virtually, ensuring you receive the best possible psychiatric care from the convenience of your own space.

I'm your Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner at Imisio Health Care Services, and I'm among the leading online mental health providers serving Maryland and New York. I offer telepsychiatry appointments, securely bringing psychotherapy and treatment for various mental health conditions directly to you. I've seen that online therapies often yield quicker positive results in the safety and comfort of your home or wherever you choose. Reach out today to discover how telemedicine can support your mental health journey.


Whether I'm helping you navigate depression caused by job loss or addressing anxiety related to potential challenges, psychotherapy services are a highly effective way to shift your mindset, attitude, and behavior. I offer supportive psychotherapy services, commonly known as talk therapy, available in Maryland and New York. Through the convenience of high-speed internet access and telepsychiatry, we can work together to adapt your behavior and overcome mental obstacles. At Imisio Health Care Services, I deliver dependable results through talk therapy and medication management to meet all your mental health needs. Schedule an appointment with me today.

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Addiction Treatment

Addiction to drugs, alcohol, or other substances, whether prescribed or prescribed, is a growing concern affecting countless families. When one finds themselves entangled in addictive behaviors, whether by choice or circumstance, seeking help becomes imperative. At Imisio Health Care Services, I specialize in addiction treatment for both adolescents and adults residing in Maryland and New York. Overcoming addiction and reclaiming control over your life is possible through tailored treatment and education.

Discover a path to recovery that may encompass in-person and video consultations for talk therapy and medication management. Take the first step to healing by scheduling your appointment today.